Plastic VIP Cards
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Jinsi Plastic VIP Card

By investing into plastic vip cards you are already representing the quality and the vision of your business or organization. We use the best printing equipment and high quality ink and card stock that we stand out from the rest of the competition. All of our plastic cards are printed in house which means at any time we can check on your cards. We make sure that what we are printing is exactly what the customer wants. We are lucky to work with graphic designers that create every card with a unique style, giving each card there own personal touch. Get started with plastic vip cards today, with a company that will take you to the next level.

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Plastic VIP Nike Card

Vip cards are used multiple times by customers which means your plastic vip cards need to be able to last a long time. Investing into plastic cards you are already increasing your durability and the impact of the card. We area growing print company and we continue to set the standards high for other print companys. We want to make sure that your vip cards are being created and printed to your standards. Save your company some money in the long run and invest into plastic vip cards.

We offer a 24 hour online quote application and a online proof system that will allow you to see your plastic vip cards before going into production.

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Plastic Masque Night Club Card

Frosted and clear plastic card stock cards are a great way to stand out from the competition. Ever since we have introduced the frosted and clear stock cards, they have become a favorite among customers. This plastic vip card was printed on a 30 mil plastic frosted card stock. Vip cards are used multiples times by customers which means they need to be able to last. We offer multiple protections for your cards which will save you money in the long run. Get started with plastic vip cards today. If you have more questions about plastic vip cards call us a 1.800.808.7472.

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Locals Plastic VIP Card

The Margaritaville plastic vip card stock is a great examples for a custom unique design. This card was printed on a blank card stock but could have been printed on either a clear or frosted card stock as well. With all of our cards being plastic it allows your cards to be more durable and water resistant than a standard white card would ever be. We offer a variety of other card protections that will add more protection for your plastic cards. To learn more about plastic vip cards just check out our websites or give us a call at 1.800.808.7472.

Our vip cards online website will allow you to learn more and check out cool, unique samples of plastic vip cards.

The Gutter Plastic Vip Card

The Gutter plastic vip card was printed on a 30 mil plastic white card stock. Printed with a uv coating to help protect the card from any scratches. We do offer other protections for your plastic cards. Our palstic cards are made to be durable and waterproof. To learn more about plastic vip cards call us at 1.800.808.7472 or visit our website.

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Moreschi Plastic VIP Card

Our metallic card stock was used to print this custom designed vip plastic card. We can assit you in printing magnetic stripe encoding, embossing, thermal personalization, instant quotes, graphic design service, thermal printing and many more! For more information contact us at 1.800.808.7472 or check out our online store at

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Luxury Card with Style

This Luxury VIP Card was printed on a 30mil plastic frosted card stock. Plastic VIP Cards are a great way to increase the overall revenue,product purchase, business name and track customer sales. We work with full time graphic designers that will help you create a unique plastic vip card that represents your company. Learn more today about setting up a VIP Card program for your business by calling us toll free at 1.800.808.7472.

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For any questions you may have about ordering, designing or existing account, please give us a call at 1.800.808.7472. We off an instant online quote application, free card samples request and a online proof application.